Sometimes you’re asked to describe someone in one word. This exercise is always difficult, but if I was presented with the challenge to describe Lady Jaye in one word it would be “sweet”.

That word might seem tame, but if you look up the definition you’ll find (ignoring all the words used in relation to food) are fitting to her nature. Delightful, pleasing, and a beloved person. She is all of these and more.

It is amazing to me whenever I have the absolute pleasure to meet someone comprised of utterly unfailing love. The world can be a cold dark place, and people such as Lady Jaye are shining examples of joy within it.


Lady Jaye is a person of warmth. Such that you cannot help but be comforted by it when she is around. Her smile will light up a room, her laugh will ease your burdens, and her hugs will make you feel safe in the storm of life. It is an eternal fire fueled by her caring and considerate nature.


Lady Jaye is a person of joy. She does not attack life, so much as that she dances through it with such energy that her actions are a celebration of life itself. Imagine the jubilation of angels at the creation of the world, and that is the way she moves.


Lady Jaye is a person of charm. Her charisma is infectious and inspiring. She holds you in sway as she speaks to you, and captivates your attention. Her voice is as smooth as honey and her whispers hold the sparkle of stars.


Lady Jaye is a person of beauty. Her soul has the pure light of moonbeams. She holds herself with a natural grace that is more true to itself than runways or cover shoots. And any physical aspect of her could be used as a study towards the existence of a higher power and Its masterful design.

Lady Jaye is flying to New York City today. And as such, all residents of that great and proud city have become some of the luckiest in the world. And should consider themselves blessed.

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